Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Then after a while Parcenet said to Pellias, "Messire, how wilt thou get thyself armor for to fight Sir Engamore?" "Maiden," said Sir Pellias, "I do not know at these present where I shall provide with armor; but before the time cometh for me to have to do with Sir Engamore, I have faith that I shall find armor fit for my purpose. For thou must know that it is not always the defense that a man weareth upon his body that bringeth him success, but more often it is the spirit that uplifteth him unto his undertakings. For it needs not that a man shall wear armor for to be a true knight, but only that he shall do his best endeavor, with all patience and humility, as it hath been ordained by God for him to do."

Howard Pyle, The Champions of the Round Table